Educational objectives

Ragazzo quadratoThe school sets out to achieve educational results that allow its students to successfully continue studies to university level, participate in social life and enter the job market in a mature, aware manner.

1. General knowledge

To develop a broad, balanced general knowledge through study programmes based on three fundamental curricula:

  • Humanities
  • Languages
  • Sciences

2. Individual talent and ability

To stimulate the personal talents and aptitudes of the students, who will acquire the following fundamental skills:

  • Self-knowledge and awareness of their own talents and potential
  • Critical and creative thought, solving problems and developing autonomous judgement and assessment skills
  • Ability to communicate and support their own ideas, developing appropriate dialogue and discussion skills
  • Ability to study and learn effectively, independently and flexibly, in a long-term perspective

3. Value system

To foster the development of a value system that the students believe in and identify with. Throughout their educational path, the students must:

  • Develop a civic conscience, maturing a sense of citizenship and institutional appurtenance
  • Develop a social conscience, respecting the rules and the other members of the school community, with a sense of belonging to the class and the school
  • Develop a moral conscience, behaving fairly and supportively towards classmates, acting responsibly and respecting the commitments made
  • Understand the importance of constant effort, to overcome failures, improve themselves constantly and obtain personal and professional results
  • Develop a broad, flexible “forma mentis”, open to change
  • Italian
  • English